South Korea - Draft revision of act on resource circulation of electrical and electronic equipment and vehicles    Hits:68 2019-01-29
EU REACH – ECHA Announces Addition of SVHCs to Candidate List    Hits:52 2019-01-28
Japan - Partial amendment of regulations for enforcement of the radio law    Hits:122 2018-12-28
China - CCC catalogue adjustment and implementation mode reform (second batch)    Hits:85 2018-12-26
Brazil - Public Consultations 35, 36 and 37 - Update on Anatel requirements for certification of mobile phones, batteries and chargers    Hits:105 2018-11-27
China - National standard for motor vehicle lighting devices    Hits:108 2018-11-26
Chile - Technical instructions electrical products must fulfill to be marketed    Hits:129 2018-10-25
USA - Amendment to LED lamps test procedures under the energy conservation program    Hits:124 2018-10-23
Thailand - Draft standard NBTC TS 3001-25xx (20xx) on electromagnetic compatibility    Hits:174 2018-09-27
Canada - Review of ISED standard radio system plan, SRSP-518, Issue 2 on technical requirements for mobile broadband services    Hits:162 2018-09-26
Brazil - Postponement of mandatory certification of electric-discharge and LED luminaires for public lighting    Hits:202 2018-08-30
Health Canada Issues Notice Regarding Safety of Teething Necklaces Worn by Children Under Three Years of Age    Hits:193 2018-08-27
U.S. – CPSC Approves 16 CFR 1237 Safety Standard for Booster Seats    Hits:294 2018-07-31
Canada Amends Toys Regulations Adding Requirements for Magnets and Magnetic Components of Toys    Hits:202 2018-07-30
It is said that Bluetooth authentication is very important, but do you know its testing content and authentication procedures?    Hits:297 2018-06-29
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